Why I chose to coach women’s football is because I love the sport unfortunately I can’t play anymore but I love the sport I love these girls and I see myself in them and I live through them.

This will be my third year coaching the coyotes….I’ve played football for about a total of 9 years.

My goal for the coyotes this season is to win lol not only win but push the girls to be better then they were last year and also to let them know that yes winning is fun but to also have fun doing what we all love ❤️


Shaunda "Pit"

My name is Shaunda but I go by Coach Pit. I am the DE/OL/DL coach. My love for the sport of football runs deep. My dad coached when I was young and it has basically just ran through my veins ever since.

I played in the WFA for the Palm Beach Punishers as a DE and MLB 11+ years or so ago. And just like the saying goes. “Those who can’t play anymore, TEACH.” And if that isn’t the way the saying goes, it is definitely the saying for me.

This year will be very challenging for us and that is what we wanted. We are still a new up and coming team, so just being in the WFA is a blessing. This year I’m not setting expectations on these ladies. My motto to our Coyotes is simple this year.
“Cool heads and calm hearts. Just have fun and give it all you got. Win or lose as long as you gave it your all and have fun while you do it. You will forever be winners in my book!”



I love the leadership roll of being on a team. I have coached, gymnastics, CrossFit or football for over 20 years.

I played women’s tackle football for six years with the Palm Beach Punishers and was given the opportunity to play again with the Coyotes in our first season in 2021. In 2022 I moved into a leadership position and my focus merged from my personal path in the sport to the building and success of the entire team as a whole.

I have a vision to help take this team of talented players as far as we can reach. As a manager and somewhat a mediator between coaches and players, I feel my job is to keep the unity and love alive, while keeping things in order. Then if I get to make some tackles in between, that’s a bonus.

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